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Physical Therapy in St. George, SC

Accidents are a part of life that can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it's at work, home, or on the road, injuries often follow. According to the CDC, there were more than 38 million injury-related visits to the ER in 2020. However, not all injuries require the same kind of treatment. Minor sprains and bruises can often be treated at home with rest, ice, and elevation.

More severe injuries require ongoing care like sports rehab and physical therapy in St. George, SC. Physical therapy, which is a combination of physical exercises and education, has remarkable benefits for those who are injured or in constant pain. For many patients, physical therapy is the key to a pain-free life where joints and muscles don't ache and everyday activities are easy to accomplish without constant worry and debilitating pain. That's where Premier Physical Therapy shines – to help you live life free of the aches and pains setting you back.

Service Areas

A Unique Approach to Physical Therapy in St. George, SC

Premier Physical Therapy is not your ordinary physical therapy center. We separate ourselves from other physical therapy offices with an inherent belief that God's Will is to see each and every person suffering from physical ailments return to the best shape possible. We believe it's our job to make sure His Will is seen through. To ensure we do so, our physical therapy center is equipped with the most advanced technology and knowledgeable staff in South Carolina.

Some of the most popular services we offer at our physical rehabilitation office in South Carolina include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Alter-G Treadmill
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Sports Rehab for Athletes

Our Mission

At Premier Physical Therapy, we strive to use our abilities to help others and honor God. We believe that each person has unique gifts that they can use to make a positive impact in the world, and for us, that gift is the ability to heal and serve people through advanced physical

therapy techniques and technology. Whether you are dealing with a minor injury or a chronic condition, we are here to help you feel better and improve your overall well-being.

Now that you know a little more about our mission, let's take a closer look at the services offered at our physical therapy center.

Elevating the Art and Science of Physical Therapy in St. George, SC

Our services are focused on helping individuals alleviate any physical discomfort they may be experiencing by working in tandem with their bodies. Physical therapy is a unique combination of both science and art, and our team of experts is well-versed in both aspects to ensure that regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis, you receive the best care possible.

Our understanding of human anatomy is second nature to us, but we also understand that each person's body is unique. Thus, we approach each case with a willingness to adapt and tailor our methods to your specific needs, enabling you to get back to living your best life once again.

 Physical Rehabilitation St. George, SC
Therapy Customized

Physical Therapy Customized to Your Needs and Goals

Premier Physical Therapy works with you to develop a personalized rehabilitation program that caters to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you are suffering from the fallout of shoulder surgery, knee replacement surgery, or your back has artificial discs, you deserve a customized rehabilitation plan.

That's why we create specialized plans for every one of our clients – we never provide treatment based on someone's general characteristics or levels of pain. Plus, unlike many physical therapy centers, our team undergoes advanced training in the Mulligan Concept and McKenzie Method. The bottom line At Premier Physical Therapy, you can rely on receiving compassionate, complete support using the latest physical therapy techniques and equipment, such as dry needling.

utilize technologies

We also utilize technologies such as the Alter-G Unweighting System and Pneumex Unweighting System.

The Pneumex unweighting system is designed to decrease pain and increase strength by providing controlled, precise, weightless motion for the spine or injured joint. Premier Physical Therapy is the sole provider in the St. George, SC, area to offer this pain-free Pneumex technology.

clinic provides

Our physical therapy clinic provides relief for nearly every area of your body, including your:

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Jaw
  • Spine
  • Hips
  • Ankles and Feet
  • Knees
  • Elbows

Our team of practitioners also provides care for diseases and disorders, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Pain Disorders
  • Parkinson's

From high-level sports injuries to painful sprains, you can rest easy knowing that relief is just around the corner when you book an appointment with Premier Physical Therapy.

Reduce Impacts and Reimagine Rehabilitation with the Alter G

The Alter G treadmill is a remarkable piece of technology that helps reduce the impact of exercise and aids in smooth rehabilitation after surgery or injury. It is especially useful if walking, jogging, or running causes pain during recovery from physical ailments. Alter G treadmills are preferred by leading medical professionals and the world's best athletes and sports teams.

Originally developed at NASA and tested at Nike's Oregon Research Project by America's top distance runners, the Alter G was considered revolutionary when first produced. Today, it remains incredibly effective and exists as the only FDA-approved device of its kind.

Top 3 Benefits of Alter G Treadmills for Physical Therapy in Charleston

One of the most common questions we get at Premier Physical Therapy about Alter G treadmills is whether they really work or not. We get it – antigravity technology may seem out of place in a custom physical therapy program. The truth is that Alter G provides patients with an exciting, effective, and proven way to improve their workouts and recoveries. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits of using antigravity treadmills at our physical therapy office:

 Physiotherapy St. George, SC

Running on a traditional treadmill is a popular exercise, but it can also cause harm to your bones, joints, and muscles due to the high stress and pressure on your body. Antigravity treadmills solve this issue by using unweighting technology to help users achieve their desired workout. The AlterG can unweight up to 80% of a user's body weight, reducing stress and shock on the lower body

By wearing specialized shorts and entering the air chamber surrounding the Alter G treadmill, the machine can be calibrated to pressurize the chamber and unweight users, allowing them to run without pain and without interfering with their natural gait mechanics. This technology isn't just for athletes. It can be used for a range of physiotherapy needs, whether you're recovering from knee surgery or simply want to run without harming your knees as much.

 Antigravity Treadmill St. George, SC

The Alter G treadmill provides a painless, low-weight exercise for patients in early recovery. Studies show it reduces muscle atrophy and swelling and improves post-surgery results. It helps you recuperate faster and improves cardio fitness, range of motion, and strength while reducing the harmful effects of gravity. Going through recovery doesn't mean you have to waste away on the couch. Instead, you can stay active and exercise with the painless treatment Alter G from Premier Physical Therapy in South Carolina.

 Aquatic Therapy St. George, SC

The Alter G treadmill may sound intimidating, but it is a safe and comfortable experience for helping patients recover from injury or surgery. While using the Alter G, you will be surrounded by a safety bar that can be used for support and balance. A clinician from Premier Physical Therapy will be present to guide you through your run, adjusting your speed and pressure to create the ideal running experience. Patients who use the Alter G Treadmill can focus on getting the most out of their workout rather than worrying about falling or joint pain.

Stay Active with Aquatic Therapy

Depending on your pain symptoms and goals for physical therapy in St. George, SC, aquatic therapy can provide your body with immeasurable benefits. It all starts when by heating our pool to 92 degrees, to maximize your workout and keep your muscles warm. In fact, at Premier Physical Therapy, we're proud to provide patients with the warmest pool in Charleston. When you use our aquatic therapy technology, you have access to two underwater treadmills and also a pair of swim jets. Plus, we can provide accessories such as weights, jog belts, steps, and even resistance bands.

Benefits of using our aquatic therapy clinic include

  • Decreased Muscle Guarding
  • Reduced Pain
  • Un-Weighted Joints
  • Much More
Physical Therapy St. George, SC

Why Choose Aquatic Therapy

 Physical Rehabilitation St. George, SC

5 Reasons to Consider Aquatic Therapy from Premier Physical Therapy

Aquatic exercises from our physical therapy office is about more than just swimming laps. It is an effective and safe form of physical therapy that uses evidence-based techniques to help you feel and move better, whether you're 25 or 65. Curious why you should consider this service? Keep reading to find out.

Reduced Risk of Falling
Reduced Risk of Falling

Certain patients who experience problems with balance and stability might not be suitable for physical therapy on land. However, aquatic therapy decreases the likelihood of falls and fall-related injuries, enabling them to exercise and recover in a secure environment. With time, balance issues can be resolved, and confidence can be regained.

Coordination and Balance Improvements

To piggyback off of our last point, aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy in St. George, SC, that can help patients improve their coordination and balance. This, in turn, can reduce their risk of falls outside of the pool. The water used in aquatic therapy slows down movement and prevents falls, which gives patients the time they need to regain their posture if they get off balance. Research has shown that hydrotherapy can be particularly beneficial for older patients, as it can help them improve their balance and recovery. As a result, they may become less fearful of falling and more confident during physical activities.

Less Stress on Your Joints and Bones
Less Stress on Your Joints and Bones

When a patient is immersed in water up to their neck, their body weight is reduced by nearly 90%. This buoyancy helps to decrease the load on weight-bearing muscles, bones, and joints. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with musculoskeletal conditions or injuries, as landing on a hard surface could be unsafe or painful.

Improve Your Cardio
Improve Your Cardio

Exercising in a pool can significantly improve one's aerobic capacity and breathing, which in turn promotes overall health. In particular, engaging in aerobic exercise can lower the risk of coronary artery disease and help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. This makes it an ideal form of physical activity for patients who require aerobic exercise but face mobility or pain issues that limit their ability to engage in land-based exercise.

Help Alleviate Swollen Joints
Help Alleviate Swollen Joints

Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure exerted by fluids that are confined in a space. When a person undergoes aquatic physical therapy, the water surrounding their body exerts hydrostatic pressure. This pressure helps to improve circulation, reduce swelling, decrease joint stiffness, and increase overall mobility.

 Physiotherapy St. George, SC

Custom Sports Conditioning and Strengthening

There's a reason why some of the best athletes in the world come to Premier Physical Therapy for help: We strive to combine the best staff with the best equipment you'll find in South Carolina or anywhere else. Our sports training program is tailored to meet the needs of athletes from any sport. It is designed to help prevent injuries and facilitate a quick return to the field.

Each workout targets speed, strength, power, agility, and weight loss, if necessary. You will have full access to our 5,000-square-foot facility, which includes an indoor, heated, saltwater aqua therapy pool to assist with soreness and improve flexibility. Before progressing to the next level, you will need to pass a functional exam with a specific goal in mind.

Some of the sports physical therapy programs we offer include:

  • Core Strengthening for Improved Performance Across Multiple Sports
  • Upper Extremity Conditioning for Softball, Baseball, Swimming, & Volleyball
  • Speed Programs
  • Vertical Jump Programs
  • Premier Pitching Academy Program
  • Golf Conditioning Program
  • Marathon, Triathlon, & Century Training Program

You with Our Health and Wellness Services

We believe that one of the best ways to maintain the gains you make with physical therapy in Charleston is to stay active and stay healthy once you're discharged from our physical rehabilitation in South Carolina. After all, regular exercise is often the best medicine you can take.

How does it work, you might be asking?

We offer you the opportunity to have unlimited visits to our 5,000-square-foot facility for an affordable monthly fee. You'll be able to schedule up to two weekly appointments for our heated pool and unlimited appointments for our gym facility. There are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel anytime you'd like. Our facility is less crowded than regular gyms, and our therapists are always available to assist you. You'll feel comfortable knowing that if you have any questions or concerns, we're always here to help.

The Path to Pain Relief Begins at Premier Physical Therapy

If you're suffering from a physical ailment and would like to return to peak physical condition, Premier Physical Therapy is here to help you. From arthritis to Parkinson's and just about everything in between, our custom programs don't just provide relief from your symptoms – they address the root causes of your issues. Our team of experts is incredibly well-versed in healing every area of the human anatomy – from your feet to your shoulders. Contact our physiotherapy office today and let us help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Latest News in St. George, SC

The George Hotel, Operated by The Indigo Road Hospitality Group, Opens on Historic Front Street in Georgetown, SC

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group has opened ...

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group has opened The George Hotel, a 56-key boutique property in historic Georgetown, SC. The George represents major milestones for both The Indigo Road and the city of Georgetown — it is the first hotel to open and operate on the city's historic Front Street in more than 50 years, as well as The Indigo Road's first property to open in the company's home state of South Carolina. The hotel was developed by Winyah Properties and is operated by The Indigo Road.

Georgetown is the third-oldest city in South Carolina, as well as the state's second-largest seaport. Close to Charleston and a beloved destination along SC's Hammock Coast, Georgetown is known for its historic appeal and has been repeatedly recognized by USA Today as one of the country's Best Coastal Small Towns. The city's Front Street faces Winyah Bay, bringing a coastal charm to its downtown district.

The George was developed to complement Georgetown's unique heritage and allure. Forty-two of the hotel's 56 guestrooms are water-facing, making the most of its prime waterfront real estate. The design is inspired by the surrounding 18th and 19th century architecture and natural environment. The hotel also houses an eclectic collection of vintage and new bespoke furnishings, from historic fabrics and unique textures to whimsical paintings and items from local artists, all hand-selected and curated by Jenny Keenan Design.

The George's amenities include The Independent, an ingredient-driven, seafood restaurant and raw bar showcasing the Lowcountry's surrounding local fisherman, farmers, and purveyors, as well as the outdoor bar, Eliza's, on-site event space, and a lawn that overlooks the bay. "We are proud of our partnership with Winyah Hospitality and of being a part of bringing this hotel to life in historic Georgetown," said Gabriel Perez, COO of The Indigo Road's lodging division. "The thoughtful design, culinary offerings, and engaging amenities complement the Front Street district, and I cannot wait for guests to experience everything The George has to offer."

Located at 615 Front Street, The George was developed as not just a space for travelers, but a community hub where locals could grab a drink, enjoy a meal, and soak in the incredible scenery of the Hammock Coast.

Hotel website

GeorgetownSouth CarolinaUnited States

Sand pit strip mining threatens health of school children in St. George

How has MRC Mine been digging a sand pit strip mine just 50 feet from a playground at Harleyville Elementary School and Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School building for the past six months?The dangers to children from this activity should be evident to all. Children exposed to this mining operation face breathing difficulties from the dust. The noise from the operation disrupts classroom activity, creates behavioral issues and can cause headaches. Dirty water, sinkholes and dry wells pose safety hazards. The mining activity stresses ...

How has MRC Mine been digging a sand pit strip mine just 50 feet from a playground at Harleyville Elementary School and Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School building for the past six months?

The dangers to children from this activity should be evident to all. Children exposed to this mining operation face breathing difficulties from the dust. The noise from the operation disrupts classroom activity, creates behavioral issues and can cause headaches. Dirty water, sinkholes and dry wells pose safety hazards. The mining activity stresses the school building itself (more than 60 years old).

I have been monitoring this issue for years because of the significant educational, environmental and public safety ramifications. When the Dorchester County Board of Zoning and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) had a public hearing in 2018 about permitting this sand pit strip mining operation, more than 200 community members and professionals, including parents, clergy, the DD4 school board and a state senator all voiced their strong opposition, according to the SCDHEC transcript of the public hearing from June 28, 2018.

As a result, MRC withdrew its mining application. Democracy worked.

But their interest in the location continued. It resurfaced in December 2022 in a particularly audacious and undemocratic fashion. MRC figured out how to avoid community opposition entirely. How?

First, Dorchester County rezoned the property next to the school, permitting the mining as a “conditional use” rather than a special exception. This meant the county’s board of zoning appeals (BZA) was not required to have a public hearing or review MRC’s request for this now-legal “conditional use.”

Second, MRC signed a contract with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to mine five acres near the school to provide sand for I-26 construction. SCDOT sand pits, it turns out, are exempt from regulation under the South Carolina Mining Act. This clever move got MRC out of under the oversight of the county and the SCDHEC. The sort of public hearing in 2018 was no longer required and, therefore, never occurred.

Third, MRC owns 87 acres surrounding the school, including the five acres currently permitted for SCDOT mining. However, because of the contract with SCDOT to mine sand for I-26, SCDHEC has withdrawn jurisdictional oversight. Now, MRC wants to mine the entire 87-acre parcel without public hearings.

Fourth, with this legal hustle complete, MRC went before the Dorchester BZA this past February for a variance and permission to mine around the clock on the 87-acre site surrounding the two schools.

Could this open the door for MRC to mine beyond the five acres exempted by the SCDOT contract? I would like to know if MRC is staying within the SCDOT contracted five acres, especially considering the initial mining application covered more than 40 acres of the 87-acre parcel. What about the neighboring residents who have complained of noise they will sometimes hear late at night and of dust? I have driven by and seen dust clouds from the site during school hours.

The state and county are now hiding behind the “legality” of this MRC maneuver, the result of which has been to cut the public out of these decisions and damage the health and welfare of the community’s children.

But all is not yet lost. Here is what you can do now:Attend the March 27, 2024, hearing of the BZA at the county council chambers in St. George.

Contact Sen. Larry Grooms, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, at 803-212-6400.

Call 803-898-1368 to voice your concerns to SCDHEC’s Bureau of Land and Waste Management, Division of Solid Waste Management.

Ask Faith Rivers James, the executive director of the Coastal Conservation League, to intervene. The group can be reached at 843-723-8035.

Fill out this petition to share comments on the project: risk to our children’s health and safety in St. George is too significant to allow this undemocratic process to play out. We can stop continued sand pit mining only if we flex our muscles as citizens. Otherwise, those who would destroy the health of our children and the quality of our environment for profit will get their way.

SC’s new waterfront hotel. Look inside The George which emphasizes Southern charm.

When you arrive at The George Hotel, you’ll notice a few things once you walk into the lobby.You will see the eclectic interior design: a dark blue ceiling matched with light wood-colored walls. An abstract painting of an egret hanging on the wall might catch your eye, or an arched hallway leading to your room covered with scenes of wild animals gallivanting in the marsh-like habitats of the Low Country.The aesthetic is curated by the Charleston-based interior design firm ...

When you arrive at The George Hotel, you’ll notice a few things once you walk into the lobby.

You will see the eclectic interior design: a dark blue ceiling matched with light wood-colored walls. An abstract painting of an egret hanging on the wall might catch your eye, or an arched hallway leading to your room covered with scenes of wild animals gallivanting in the marsh-like habitats of the Low Country.

The aesthetic is curated by the Charleston-based interior design firm Jenny Keenan Design.

Walking to the elevators, you might glance at the framed photo of the Rolling Stones band sitting in a grassy field in front of a castle. Once you get to your room, there’s a bathrobe with the hotel’s monogram logo waiting for you. You can look out at Georgetown’s Front Street or a view of the Sampit River. If you’re hungry or craving a drink, you might go back downstairs and sit at The Independent seafood restaurant, which sits comfortably next to the lobby.

It’s all within the confines of The George, which opened March 1, 2024, as Georgetown’s new waterfront hotel. Located at 615 Front Street, the three-floor, 56-room establishment tries to evoke a coastal feel, Hotel General Manager Chris Styles said.

Styles said typical rooms are about 300 square feet, with two suites having a living room, bedroom, and balcony overlooking the Sampit River. There are also two junior suites, and although a little smaller, have an open floor plan. Styles said that The George hopes to capture the driving market—specifically, people driving to and from Charleston, S.C.

“We (also) expect a lot of couples, some families and a lot of corporate and group business,” Styles added.

Several wedding receptions and parties have already booked The George, Styles said.

He added that the hotel is working on creating golf packaging services for patrons, creating opportunities to play local courses such as Wedgefield Country Club in Georgetown. Styles added the hotel is reaching out to other courses in the area, too.

In July 2023, Wedgefield was named one of Sun News readers’ top five favorite golf courses.

“Fall really is peak golf time, so we’re going to really focus our efforts on those,” Styles added.

Many golfers and other visitors will eat at The Independent seafood restaurant. Named after a former seafood market in Georgetown, The Independent specializes in seafood, but it also serves steaks such as Filet Mignon and Ribeye.

Customers have a mostly unobstructed view of their food being made, and the eatery’s bar faces towards Front Street, with beer sourced from South Carolina makers. Executive Chef Thomas Vance recommended customers try the signature Blackened Flounder or Scallops.

When taking your first bite of Flounder, Vance said tasters can expect spice from the blackened seasoning and creaminess from the lemon butter, all brought together by the Andouille Sausage Pileau.

Vance’s culinary creations take a simplistic approach. The restaurant’s dishes focus on two or three ingredients; Vance added he wants tasters to enjoy a few complementary flavors rather than bombard them with an assortment of divergent ones.

“I try to keep it simple but also elevated,” he added.

Vance began working in restaurants at 17 and attended the Arts Institute of Charleston. An executive chef since he was 28, Vance also recommended patrons try the fried chicken livers appetizer.

‘We’ve made a few believers in chicken livers,” Vance said.

The George is part of The Indigo Road Hospitality, a group that operates restaurants and hotels throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. The group focuses on boutique locations in smaller cities such as Robbinsville and Asheville, NC. Some of Indigo Road Hospitality’s notable restaurants include Daniel Island Market Eatery (DIME) and Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, S.C.

Styles added The George is Indigo Road’s fifth hotel.

Not everything at The George is done, though. The outdoor bar, which includes a fire pit and white chairs, is not finished yet, nor is the conference room. Styles added the hotel is contemplating adding room service as an amenity, but that is not finalized.

Some rooms facing the water also offer a glimpse of the nearby International Paper mill and Georgetown’s Liberty Steel complex. Styles said that the view of heavy industry does not deter guests from booking the hotel.

This story was originally published March 18, 2024, 9:25 AM.

The George in Georgetown, SC, Is Now Open

The George Hotel has opened its doors to welcome guests. The design-forward waterfront property from Indigo Road Hospitality Group and Winyah Hospitality has 56 rooms and suites alongside a full-service restaurant, marina bar and private event spaces, making it the first of its kind on South Carolina’s Hammock Coast.Georgetown, SC, is a common stopover for boaters traveling the eastern coast and The George offers prime marina ac...

The George Hotel has opened its doors to welcome guests. The design-forward waterfront property from Indigo Road Hospitality Group and Winyah Hospitality has 56 rooms and suites alongside a full-service restaurant, marina bar and private event spaces, making it the first of its kind on South Carolina’s Hammock Coast.

Georgetown, SC, is a common stopover for boaters traveling the eastern coast and The George offers prime marina access, allowing boaters the opportunity to enjoy the hotel’s amenities, while also providing a port for guests to enjoy excursions, such as fishing and sailing, in Winyah Bay. In addition to on-site activities and events, The George offers a variety of spaces that can be booked for semi-private and private events, including a meeting and event room, outdoor greenspace and bar, Eliza’s, and on-site restaurant, The Independent.

Housing 56 rooms, 42 of which are waterfront, the hotel has been curated by Jenny Keenan Design, which used a collection of vintage European furnishings and custom pieces. The lobby sports two-toned hardwoods and lime-washed plank walls, patterned sofas, wing-backed chairs and "oriental" rugs. The corridor of the first floor displays a large painting of a mermaid and alligator by artist David Boatwright of Charleston.

There are several room types, including two suite variations with living rooms and balconies, the largest being approximately 725 square feet. Each guestroom includes vintage seating and sideboards with custom fabric headboards ranging from detailed chintz to soft pastel stripes. Rooms vary in color scheme, while cypress softwoods stripe the floors and walls of communal spaces.

Located within The George Hotel, The Independent is a seafood restaurant and raw bar paying homage to the community’s former seafood market by the same name. Guests can expect a seasonal menu of Southern-inspired dishes guided by the region’s seafood. Raw offerings such as littleneck clams, peel-and-eat shrimp and oysters on the half shell are complemented by prepared small plates, chef selections and à la carte proteins and sides.

Located on The George’s greenspace, Eliza’s waterfront bar serves as a casual retreat along the Sampit Riverfront with lounge seating and outdoor games. It offers island-inspired cocktails with a small menu of light bites, snacks and a full raw bar, as well. The name serves as tribute to South Carolina’s Eliza Lucas Pickney, who was largely responsible for the indigo crop hitting the map, and the first woman to be inducted into South Carolina’s Business Hall of Fame.

For more information, visit

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First Look: The George and the Independent Arrive in Georgetown, South Carolina

TravelThe colonial seaport town gets a hotel and restaurant combo full of sweet homages to the communityFebruary 29, 2024 Updated March 1, 2024For over eighty years, a family-owned seafood market called Independent Seafood operated on Front Street in the colonial seaport town of Georgetown, South Carolina, serving fresh shrimp and fish to the community daily. Last year, it closed its doors—but two weeks ago, a new restaurant...


The colonial seaport town gets a hotel and restaurant combo full of sweet homages to the community

February 29, 2024 Updated March 1, 2024

For over eighty years, a family-owned seafood market called Independent Seafood operated on Front Street in the colonial seaport town of Georgetown, South Carolina, serving fresh shrimp and fish to the community daily. Last year, it closed its doors—but two weeks ago, a new restaurant opened bearing their name, housed in a new hotel, the George, that opens today.

“We wanted to be thoughtful about the history and the fabric of the community,” says Steve Palmer, the founder of Indigo Road, the hospitality group behind the new spot. “There’s certainly sadness when a local business like that closes, and we decided the best way to honor them was to call the restaurant the Independent.” The menu reflects the market’s history, too: Raw offerings like littleneck clams and oysters abound, plus larger plates including blackened flounder with a lump crab and andouille sausage perlo. “That blackened flounder is the best-selling dish in the two weeks we’ve been open,” Palmer says. “And the fried crab fingers are my other favorite.”

The hotel itself, with fifty-six rooms, features its own set of homages to Georgetown and the surrounding area; Charleston designer Jenny Keenan wanted to incorporate the history of the town and the environment into every detail. “We all wanted something that blended into the town and the landscape,” she says. “Pecky cypress wood was non negotiable. So were sweetgrass baskets and local art.” Below, look inside the hotel and the restaurant.


“I always love to see the sweetgrass huts along Highway 17 as I drive from Charleston to Georgetown,” Keenan says. The team commissioned local Angela Manigault to make two large baskets to hang on the hotel wall as a nod to the regional art form.


A seating area at the end of the hotel’s first-floor corridor features poppy patterns, a colorful tapestry from India, and framed insects. “Living with birds and butterflies and alligators is part of being in an area with so much greenspace,” Keenan says. “I added touches of the flora and fauna wherever I could.”


From the lobby, guests can peek into the Independent and at a commissioned piece featuring a flying bull and fish. “We wanted the restaurant to feel distinct from the hotel,” Keenan says. “It has a nautical, throwback vibe, with merlot-colored walls and blues.”

Inside the Independent, the bar area features layered textures of leather, wood, and marble.

In the back hallway, this seating area incorporates a collection of found pieces. “We wanted it to feel old, so these items are from antique stores and flea markets,” Keenan says. The team dubbed the portrait of the woman Eliza, after Eliza Lucas Pinkney, an influential historical figure who brought indigo to the area—and they borrowed her name for the outdoor bar, as well.

The cypress wood paneling and floor covers the first-floor corridor, providing a backdrop for a whimsical piece of an alligator and mermaid by Charleston artist David Boatwright.


On the way to the hotel elevators from the lobby, guests pass under an archway, one of Keenan’s favorite structural details. “I wanted it to feel like you are walking through a forest,” she says.

Keenan also wanted the hotel to have an English feel, so she selected patterned wallpaper—in dark blue as a nod to the importance of the indigo industry to the area.


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