What you can do about plantar fasciitis using physical therapy
January 21, 2015

Q: I have heel pain and I think it may be Plantar Fasciitis. Is there anything that can get me back to walking/running quickly?

A: Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that occurs when the tissue that supports the arch of the foot becomes injured. This can happen after an injury to the foot or after repetitive stress from walking and running. The ankle joint is important in the control of the plantar fascia and commonly contributes to the pain felt by patients suffering from plantar fasciitis.
There is a taping technique that changes the position of the heel, allowing you to weight bear on another area, thereby reducing the tension on the plantar fascia and decreasing pain. Following progressive taping over 2 weeks the tension on the plantar fascia is further reduced and is able to heal. Patients are able to walk, run, and perform their normal activities while the tape is on. By changing the position of the heel, allowing the fascia to heal and restoring mobility to the foot, patients are able to return to sport faster than by conventional stretching and modalities alone.

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