Lowcountry Local First coffee talk today was great
May 23, 2012

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Premier Physical Therapy is a proud member of Lowcountry Local First.  This non-profit organization, Lowcountry Local First, empowers local businesses with knowledge and networking while encouraging “the public to invest in their local economy with their dollars, their voices, their votes and their hearts…Collectively, our choices have great power. To build or break a life. A business. An economy. A city. A culture.” 

As a local, privately owned business, Premier Physical Therapy knows how important it is to have an outstanding support team such as Lowcountry Local First.  The weekly coffee talks are a wonderful tool for local businesses to help gain knowledge and insight on a myriad of topics.  And as it turns out, everyone is welcoming and it is fun as well!  Today’s coffee talk focused on Marketing and PR ideas; next weeks is all about networking.  Lowcountry Local has a variety of events to include larger member meetings as well.  Every local business owner in the Lowcountry should check out Lowcountry Local First