Creating a happy and productive environment Pt. 1-Communication
June 1, 2012

Premier Physical Therapy-Charleston, SC

I recently read an email that came to me from a talk that Dave Ramsey gave called “The Five Enemies of Unity”.  This was a great article and we wanted to share its premises and then make sure we are putting them into practice here in our office and throughout other aspects of our lives.  We strive to create a happy, safe, fun and productive work environment through many venues; the first of which, is centered around communication.  Dave Ramsey’s blog lists poor communication as the first enemy of unity.  Here is the excerpt from his blog: 

1. Poor Communication shows itself in many ways, when right hand does not know what left hand is doing strife will eventually set in.

I thought of I Corinthians 12 when I read this blurb about poor communication.  In I Corinthians 12, Paul writes about the body of Christ and how each part of the body is essential to the whole.  Much like the song we sang as children…the heel bone connected to the foot bone; an office, family, church are all interdependent on each other.  As Dave Ramsey states “when the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing strife will set in”.  This sentiment mimics what the apostle Paul wrote in verse 26, “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it”. 

The truth is that marriages suffer when a husband and wife do not communicate their needs to one another.  An office will suffer when each worker does not communicate tasks, goals and even failures with the rest of the body.  Communication is key to producing unity that will strengthen each part of the body (family, office) allowing it to excel as a whole toward a common purpose.  

Dave Ramsey suggests holding “intentional meetings with a clear purpose and outcome to keep everyone on the same page and prevent confusion and strife”.  We are an office of meetings; meaning we communicate.  Front office meetings, PT meetings, operations meetings, office lunches and fun days; you name it, we meet about it.  I have to say because of the clear communication, this is best place I have ever worked.  But how does this work for a family?  The same way, have a meeting.  What do you want your family values to be, what do you want to do for vacation, what will consequences of a broken rule be?  Have regular meetings with a clear purpose and outcome.  Every now and then throw a little fun in, some praise for a job well done and pizza never hurts.