Unweight with the AlterG Treadmill
May 14, 2019

Premier PT is the only clinic in SC with two anti-gravity treadmills!

Recovering from an injury or surgery? Managing a neurological condition? Deconditioned or challenged from a chronic disease like obesity? Interested in maintaining or regaining muscle strength? Wanting to improve your cardiovascular health in a fall-safe environment? The AlterG is your solution!

The AlterG is an incredible tool for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness.  This unique anti-gravity treadmill has the capabilities of allowing you to exercise with as low as 20% of your body weight.  Being able to exercise at a reduced body weight allows post-op, obese, and even fitness training patients to exercise unweighted.  Exercising unweighted allows for restrictions to be an obstacle of the past.

Studies show that for every 1 pound lost, you relieve 4 pounds of pressure off your knees.  The AlterG allows you to optimize your therapy and fast track your healing by relieving all that pressure.  Patients who have just had major orthopedic surgeries, are able to safely activate those muscles in a controlled environment.  Seniors are able to walk and run without being held back by ailments.  Avid athletes are able to exercise through injuries with the help of these amazing machines.

Stride Smart is the built-in technology on the AlterG that measures analytics like stride length, weight distribution of steps, and much more.  With on-screen data while you exercise, the patient can see how they are exercising and which variables may be causing problems.  We can diagnose gait problems and if you are compensating while exercising.

These state-of-the-art treadmills are helping people get moving! Ask your therapist about the AlterG.  For more information, visit our Facebook page for a demonstration video!