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The Original Organic
January 31, 2018

Have you gone to the doctor for pain and they sent you on your way with a prescription for pain medication?

Often prescription pain medication, also know as opioids, mask your pain and do not assess the actual issue at hand. As a physical therapy clinic, we have noticed this happening more and more. Not only is it an issue, but it’s a costly one at that. It is also a national issue that must be addressed.

Pain medication is not your only choice, but it is the easiest to get. It’s easier to get a prescription for drugs than it is to get a prescription for physical therapy right now. How is that possible? Physical therapy visits cost insurance companies less than prescription drugs, and yet insurance companies cover more for drugs than they do physical therapy.

Opioids are extremely addictive and put unnecessary chemicals into your body. Patients are often prescribed physical therapy after they are addicted to opioids and must ween off.


Why is physical therapy not prescribed first?

There has been a switch in the kind of foods people buy whether it be organic, all natural, etc., plus beauty products are changing their compositions to include more natural ingredients. All of this change, and yet more chemicals are being prescribed in the healthcare field than ever before. Hip hurt? Here’s a steroid shot. Want to lose weight? Take these pills. You have a choice in your care and we are here to help. Physical therapy provides natural, organic relief to your pain, while also strengthening your muscles to reduce future pain. 

Premier Physical Therapy treats in a mechanical way because your body is naturally designed to move as a whole. We can teach exercises to rid pain, strengthen muscles, and show patients how they can stay pain free.

Medicare and Physical Therapy
Congress failed to act on the Medicare physical therapy and occupational therapy cap extension. This means that Medicare patients have only $2,010 to spend on physical and occupational therapy the entire year. That’s only 12-14 visits, until being forced to turn to drugs or other chemical options. PT and OT are the only services that have a cap on spending in the Medicare plan. We know that Medicare patients need more! We need your help in spreading the word about physical therapy and what we can do to help you, your family, your neighbors….even your doctor!

If you would like more information on these matters, or want to help change the hard cap on Medicare, please write to your congressional representatives about the issue.