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Suffering From A Back Strain?
February 14, 2017

Many people suffer from a back strain at some point in their life. It can be caused by a quick uncommon movement during daily or physical activities. Coughing too hard can even cause a back strain. Here are a few tips if you can’t find relief:

  1. Pain Medication

Back strains can become very uncomfortable, as the back muscles help our whole body move. Try taking over the counter pain medications to alleviate some of the discomfort. However, pain medication is a quick fix and may cause some other health issues. Consult your doctor.

  1. Cold Compression Therapy

Immediately applying cold therapy to the back strain can help reduce inflammation and pain. It can also reduce the necessity of using pain medication. Cold Therapy allows the damaged tissue to have an opportunity to heal by stimulating blood flow.

  1. Heat Therapy

You can apply heat to the tight muscles a few days after the strain occurred. Heat helps loosen up the back muscles and improves range of motion. Take a hot bath with or without Epsom salt or apply a heating pad. A 92 degree therapy pool can also help with a back strain.

  1. Physical Therapy

Once recovering from the intense pain from a back strain, physical therapy can help gain full range of motion. Learning stretches and strengthening the back muscles can help prevent a back strain in the future.

  1. Therapeutic Massage

Massage can help manipulate the muscles and tissues which can increase blood flow. Ask your physical therapist if this is something they can do while providing stretches.

If you are unsure about what you should do to treat your pain, call your doctor or your therapist.