Stay Balanced this Fall
September 11, 2019

Make Core Strength the CENTER of Your Recovery!

While the gooey center in a candy bar is desirable & delicious, the same does not apply for the center of our bodies.  Strong core muscles are very important for people of all activity and fitness levels.  A strong core is essential for good posture, stable balance, and injury prevention.  With an unstable core your body tends to compensate by using other muscles.  When your body is forced to make those adjustments, you become at risk for things like back strains and muscle injuries.

Patients that begin physical therapy for back pain typically see relief from core-strengthening exercises like planks.  While every injury, ailment, and plan of care is different for each patient, a healthy core equals a healthy foundation for recovery.  Ask your physical therapist today what exercises you can add to your home exercise program (HEP) or workout routine.

Almost every person could benefit from strengthening their core!  Start at the center of your body to see the change spread throughout.