Is it Hip Pain or Sacroiliac Joint Pain? : Physical Therapists Know
June 14, 2018
Say it with us “sak-roh-il-ee-ak.” It’s hard to pronounce and boy-oh-boy can it cause pain. The sacroiliac joint has shown to be a leading cause of low back pain and hip pain, and can cause lower extremity pain including the knees.

The Sacroiliac joint is located at the lower end of the spine between the pelvis. It is the joint that diffuses all the movements of the upper body to the pelvis and legs. The joint does not have a lot of mobility and is strong. There are many muscles that help stabilize the sacroiliac joint as well.

Often, if unstable, it means the muscles surrounding the SI Joint are weak and are not able to keep the SI joint in place. If unstable, it can also cause major low back and hip pain.

Some ways physical therapy can relieve SI joint pain include exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint. Strengthening the hips, low back, and even upper thighs help keep that tricky SI Joint in place. Premier Physical Therapy is also a strong believer of the Serola Sacroilic Belt, which helps to keep the SI Joint stable while working on strengthening the surrounding muscles.

If you are having pain in the lower back area or hips, please reach out to Premier Physical Therapy! We can get you feeling better today!