Creating a happy and productive environment Pt. 3-unresolved disagreements
July 6, 2012



Splinter:  to break or split into small pieces

A tiny fraction, a “splinter” of wood left embedded into the skin will fester causing serious pain and inflammation.  A tiny disagreement, causing a “splinter” between two or more people, if left untreated will fester; cause inflammation and serious pain.  Ironic how something so small can cause such great pain and problems.  Whether wood or words, neglect causes real damage when dealing with splinters.  

Unresolved disagreements cause disarray in offices and families.  When left untreated, disagreements will fester up causing a chasm between once unified members of a body.  Letting a splinter go untreated ensures it will quickly become infected, and infection spreads quickly.  It is essential to treat splinters quickly, prohibiting spread of infection to other members.  Ever play phone tree as a child?  One person at the beginning of the line, thinks of a word or phrase and that person tells the next, on down the line until it finally reaches the person at the end of the line.  Unresolved disagreements work in much the same way, flowing through the halls of the office or home.  And, like the children’s game, there is a giant gap in communication and by the time a disagreement makes it through the ranks, it gets blown out of proportion. 

Dave Ramsey asserts that a great leader will confront unresolved agreements head on and quickly, knowing that it is better to deal with the situation at hand than to let it ride.  He also states, “A little confrontation can wash out the wound and allow the parties to go forward in a spirit of unity.”  Confrontation can be scary or messy sometimes but in the end is always the best choice.  It is never good to stay angry or in disagreement with another person.   

The Bible, in Ephesians 4:26, tells us to deal with disagreements quickly stating, “In your anger do not sin; do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”  Why?  We are “all members of one body.”  One body, one family, one office, one church…no matter the label; any body of people that is brought together in one purpose must be unified to work efficiently and effectively.  Disagreements that are not resolved are given power to destroy unity and by proxy, power to destroy business and families.  Protect the investment you have made, whether time, money, love; adhering to the old adage “don’t go to bed angry.”